Public Health Research

Advancing the understanding of the linkage between environmental contaminant exposures and human health research.

Public health research studies and analysis are key to advancing the scientific community’s knowledge of known and emerging public health threats. IAI has conducted over 1,000 research studies on indoor and outdoor environmental threats and related public health conditions. IAI-led studies have prompted regulatory and policy changes, statewide health education campaigns, and the foundation of new state-level public health programs.

IAI provides knowledgeable and experienced staff in the fields of epidemiology, toxicology, pediatric and adult medicine, geographic information systems (GIS), health informatics, and project management to support public health research projects. Our staff utilize state-of-the-art analysis tools and methodologies to design sound and meaningful studies, conduct relevant analyses, and maintain transparency throughout the research process. Knowing that results may have far-reaching, long-lasting, and direct impacts, IAI ensures that study findings are thorough and that results are both accessible and understandable to the communities affected by the studied threat.

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