Indigenous Community Research

Facilitating the understanding of environmental problems in ways that bridge social, cultural, and ethnic differences between researchers and indigenous communities.

Indigenous people around the world typically maintain core aspects of traditional culture when addressing new influences, challenges, and opportunities. In particular, many Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, American Samoans, Chamorros, American Indians, and members of other indigenous groups within the U.S. and its territories have retained strong emphases on various aspects of traditional life. As these traditions and many other aspects of social life are often dearly held, indigenous community research can only be undertaken collaboratively, with a clear two-way understanding of project goals, objectives, and potential outcomes. Utilizing our appreciation for the complexities of modern life among native societies and our familiarity with the conduct of sociocultural research in such challenging settings, IAI has collaborated with a variety of indigenous groups in the U.S. to successfully complete numerous studies.

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