Montrose Chemical Public Health Assessment

Timeframe:  1995 to 2000

The Montrose Chemical Corporation manufactured DDT at its facility in Los Angeles. From 1947 to 1982, Montrose released liquid wastes containing DDT directly to the sewer,  via surface water runoff into drainage ditches and canals, and have been discharged to the sanitary sewer system, resulting in contamination of the Palos Verdes Shelf sediment and fish. Since 1995, IAI has provided research and education expertise to the state of California to identify and address the myriad of health risks posed by the Montrose contamination.  IAI staff developed health consultations for DDT contamination of soil, air, dust, and tap water for the Los Angeles area.  Additionally, IAI educators developed the Palos Verdes Shelf Fish Contamination Project to prevent exposure to contaminated fish caught from the LA and Orange County coastline.