Abex/Remco Public Health Assessment

Timeframe: 2000 to 2007

Due to ongoing community health concerns, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency engaged IAI to conduct public health activities at the Abex/Remco Hydraulics Corporation in June of 2000. As part of the process, IAI organized a community task force including the county health department, community members, former workers, and others to ensure a comprehensive analysis of current and historic risks. The Abex/Remco Hydraulics, located in Willits, California, operated as an industrial machine shop manufacturing hydraulic cylinders between 1940 and 1995. The facility closed in 1995.

Working in collaboration with the US EPA and the California Department of Public Health, IAI conducted a health consultation and two public health assessments in Willits. IAI determined that historic activities may have resulted in elevated exposures to hexavalent chromium, but that there are no current public health risks. IAI provided a detailed list of recommendations to US EPA for remediation and monitoring in Willits.