Chrome Crankshaft and J&S Chrome Plating Public Health Assessment

Timeframe: 2000 to 2003

The Chrome Crankshaft and J&S Chrome Plating sites operated as electroplating facilities in Los Angeles County, California, between the 1950s and 1990s. Ongoing community concerns prompted the California Department of Public Health to engage IAI to evaluate whether chemical emissions from the facilities posed a health risk to the community. The facilities were located near the Suva Elementary and Intermediate schools.

IAI convened an advisory group of government agencies, parents, school representatives, and activists to guide the PHA process. We reviewed air modeling of historical releases from the facility, drinking water quality reports, and assessed cancer rates for the area. IAI also worked with CDPH to conduct a health study to determine whether children who were exposed to chromium from the plating facility were more likely to have respiratory health problems.