Georgia Pacific Gypsum Site Public Health Consultation

Timeframe: 1992 to 1993

The Georgia Pacific Gypsum facility site in Antioch, California was used to manufacture building construction products including gypsum wallboard. Approximately 20% of wallboard was made extra fire-resistant by adding non-combustible fibers, typically fiberglass or vermiculite, to the gypsum. From 1967 to 1984, the Georgia Pacific Gypsum facility received approximately 5,706 tons of vermiculite from Libby, Montana. Vermiculite from Libby is known to contain 21-26% asbestos.

Under a cooperative agreement with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, IAI prepared a health consultation for Georgia Pacific Gypsum. The report included a review of cancer records and death certificate information in the area near the facility. This was done to see if the number of cancers related to asbestos exposure were higher than expected. The statistical review did not find any pattern of cancer incidence consistent with asbestos exposure, and found an inconsistent pattern of deaths associated with asbestos exposure in the areas near the facility. IAI concluded that current operations at the facility did not pose a hazard to nearby residents.