Hazardous Waste Site Assessment

Evaluating the threat to human health or the environment posed by releases of hazardous substances and determining the appropriate responses.

Site assessment is a systematic process for evaluating health threats caused by abandoned hazardous waste sites, determining whether there is a need for remediation and, if so, making recommendations for cleanup plans. IAI has conducted a wide array of site assessments, providing research and public health expertise for over 20 Superfund sites and more than two dozen hazardous waste sites in the State of California.

Our site assessment expertise extends to biological monitoring, toxicology and risk assessment, small-area epidemiology, community participation, and health education. Qualified IAI staff work closely with federal, state, and local governmental agencies as well as community groups to reduce or eliminate potential health impacts through remediation and education.

Follow the link below for information on representative health assessments and public health assessments completed at 36 NPL and California superfund sites.