California Healthy Housing Program

Timeframe:  2008 to Present

Impact Assessment provides experts in asthma, indoor air quality, community development, data tracking and surveillance to California Breathing, an agency that coordinates the Healthy Housing Work Group for the California Department of Public Health. Through the Healthy Housing Program, IAI staff have:

- Sponsored a state wide symposium on healthy housing that drew over 200 participants Worked with communities disproportionately burdened with poor housing conditions and related health issues including Native Americans, farm workers, and low-income residents.

- Helped create  of the California Healthy Housing Coalition, integrated healthy housing in the Strategic Plan for Asthma in California

- Trained more than 800promotoras, clinicians, public health and housing professionals using curricula developed in-house, and an additional 90 the two-day intensive Essentials of Healthy Housing curriculum developed by the National Center for Healthy Housing

- Produced the first Healthy Housing Indicators Report on behalf of CDPH

- Provided funding and technical assistance to community-based organizations and local government agencies to”

- Promote the use of Integrated Pest Management in non-profit multi-unit housing developments. Institute non-smoking policies for shared areas in senior mobile home parks.

- Train code enforcement officers on healthy housing principles and approaches to dampness and mold.

- Advocate for incorporation of health considerations in the housing element of a city’s General Plan.