Strategic Plan Implementation Grants

Timeframe:  2009 to Present

Impact Assessment provides health program management for the "Strategic Plan Implementation Grants Program" (SPIG) at the California Department of Public Health. SPIG provides funding support and technical assistance for projects to improve the lives of people with asthma in communities disproportionately burdened by the disease. The 2012-2014 SPIG projects are working to disseminate successful community interventions and resources throughout California.  The current programs are:

Child Start Head Start Program, Solano: Child Start developed Tots Breathe Freely, a curriculum to teach staff how to evaluate Head Start classrooms for asthma triggers. They have been disseminating it to Head Start programs across the state.

Environmental Health Coalition, San Diego: Implemented, SALTA, a curriculum in Spanish and English used to train environmental justice communities about environmental hazards and how to advocate for safer environments. Environmental Health Coalition’s work with the Barrio Logan community resulted in new zoning policies that keep residential and industrial sites separated.

The Pacific Institute, Oakland: Released Gearing Up for Action: A Curriculum Guide for Freight Transport Justice in October 2010 in order to build the power and capacity of communities to participate in decision making regarding freight transportation.  Through SPIG, they have made it available in Spanish and are conducting trainings around the state.

The Shasta County Department of Public Health: Sharing its intervention to limit or ban smoking in senior mobile home parks. Shasta has created a tool kit that can be implemented in other communities working on similar policy issues.