Childhood Lead Poisoning Case Management: Local Program Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Timeframe: 2003 to 2014

California’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch (CLPPB) within the California Department of Public Health oversees more than 40 city- and county-based Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs (CLPPPs) throughout the state. Under contract with CLPPB, the CLPPPs conduct clinical case management for children that are found to have been exposed to lead, and environmental investigations on the affected child’s residence.

Over a series of contracts with CLPPB, IAI staff conducted over CLPPP 200 site assessments. Our evaluators designed an evaluation and monitoring plan as well as specific outcome and fidelity measures, and developed uniform evaluation and data collection tools. Our staff were also responsible for: leading evaluation team meetings and conducting group consensus and process facilitation; conducting data management activities to input, organize, and clean evaluation data; conducting quantitative and qualitative data analysis; developing automated outcome measure reports; and disseminating findings and recommendations to CLPPB and CLPPP management.

Results from these evaluations led to continual CLPPP process and performance improvements and to CLPPB modifications of contractual agreements.